Furniture Cleaning​

After we clean your tile and grout to the best of our abilities, we offer sealants for grout lines to keep them looking great for a long time. The grout will clean to the same satisfaction the next cleaning, which generally needs to be done once every two years. Customers can choose from our clear sealants or if grout lines are damaged or you are tired of your grout color and want something different, we have color seal which transforms grout lines into new colors, looking like a brand new floor!

Tile and grout Cleaning .40 cents a Square foot includes Scrubbing Grout lines

Carpet Cleaning
Tile and Grout
​​Pet Odor and Stains


Residential or Commercial

Cleaning Tile and Grout by hand is very labor intensive and without the proper equipment it is impossible to do the quality work that Pride Cleaning provides. Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services include hand scrubbing grout lines that are dark and greasy, to ensure agitation and maximum cleaning efficiency. After everything is prepped and scrubbed we then use our top of the line truck mounted units to steam the tile and grout with our high pressure, high heat process to deliver maximum results!