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Here at Pride Cleaning we take carpet cleaning very seriously. We use exclusive, non-toxic products that are safe for your family, pets, and even the environment. We offer many different services to meet your needs and budgets. Every cleaning comes with Truck mounted steam cleaning units, spot removal, deodorizers, color brighteners, and we do move some furniture. For carpets that are heavily soiled we have just the thing, before the steam cleaning process we heavily treat the areas with degreasers and then use a rotary scrubber that scrubs and agitates dirt, oil, grease, and deep cleans areas that normally wouldn't budge. Then we use hot steam and powerful extraction to leave carpets not only clean but smelling amazing! At pride purchasing the rotary scrubber will give a 10 day guarantee, if a spot comes back we come back at no charge.

   Whole House Carpet Cleaning          $149 Includes Staircase                                     up to 1500 sf. of carpet cleaned                     

​    Whole House Carpet Cleaning         $99  Single Story Special     up to 1200sf of carpet cleaned

Carpet Cleaning